3 Main Predictions on Web Development Trends for Future

Web development is certainly an exciting industry with lots of new trends hitting the market every day. As we have almost come to the end of 2015, predictions on web development trends for the New Year have started making rounds in the industry and here we have brought the three main predictions on the future web development trends.

1. Responsive Design:

Responsive design has been incredibly popular these days and increased use of mobile internet has been the main reason for it. Mobile operating systems have brought enormous changes to our lives; it’s so exciting to see Android and iOS operating systems becoming robust and highly capable tools.

Earlier, the developers had tough times in developing two sites; one for desktop and the other for mobile users. But now with responsive design, the same website looks great both on desktop and smartphone. With the growing popularity of smartphones, responsive design seems to play a great role in the future web development.

2. Uniformed Design Elements:

When responsive web design is associated with narrower field of mobile operating system, the design language becomes more uniform. This is because, today websites are designed keeping in mind the various screen types and handful of mobile operating systems dominating the market.

We can notice it easily that the proliferation of similar WordPress themes and also the websites that borrow certain UI elements like menus, buttons, etc. from Android and iOS. As the result the websites look similar to each other and the developers will have to find new ways to make the websites stand out.

3. Semantic Web will come of age:

Yes, the semantic web will come of age and the computers will become better at comprehending not just the meaning but also the intent behind the content on the web. The users will be able to ask any questions and expect a useful answer. But will it help web development? It definitely does. 

For starters, it’s like renewing the focus on perfecting the user experience and providing cutting-edge content instead of jamming the keywords into web to account for conversational way people search the web sometimes.

You don’t have to follow everything that seems to be trendy just because they are hip things to do. It just represents a few popular techniques but you need to make sure that the chosen trend suits the best for your users. For instance, an ecommerce site wouldn’t do well as a single page scrolling site; so go with the trend that serves your purpose.

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