4 Amazing Features That Make You Choose Magento for Your Ecommerce Store

Earlier, ecommerce market was not like something what we have now. EBay was the only ecommerce portal and marketplace that the people knew. But now, with the change in the trends and mind-sets, people look for ease in everything and this is why ecommerce is growing terribly these days. So by understanding this standard concept of ease, innumerable merchants have opted for ecommerce stores.

While many have already opted for an ecommerce store, some are still thinking about the platform to choose to build their ecommerce store. Probably they’ll not get yet another platform like Magento which offers a wide range of features. Ultimately, the decision maker is the owner himself, but why most of the people who have already used Magento suggest it is because of its mind-blowing features.

Here are those features that make you recommend Magneto for others:

  1. Enormous extensions: Magento offers a huge number of extensions using which a user can perform any function with ease. The extensions can be used to add a feature or some functionality that you wish to have in your store. For instance, if you want to have a like button under each product in your store, you can add it easily using an extension. Magento extensions are highly customizable; they can be customized to perform any function. Even if the required extension is not available, an expert developer can create one for himself.
  2. SEO friendly: Search engine friendliness is one more main feature that every store owner looks at while choosing an ecommerce platform. One would never go back if he gets to know about Magento’s SEO friendliness. Along with the basic features like creating and redirecting URL, the platform offers Google sitemap which is an important SEO aspect that leads to higher rakings. Cache management, URL key and Meta information are some other SEO features available in Magento.
  3. Responsiveness and payment gateway: Responsiveness is something which makes the user feels good about an ecommerce store. Nobody would like to see the page loading for long time. One would not face this issue if he is using Magneto; because the newer versions of Magneto are pre responsive and you don’t have to customize it to make it mobile friendly. The platform also comes with a pre-built payment gateway that most of the people are familiar to (PayPal). If you want to use some other gateway, you can easily integrate the one into your store.
  4. Influential marketing features: Having a store is not just enough. You need to market your store to make it reachable to wider audience. You can do it efficiently if you choose Magento as it has got some influential marketing features. You can send some pre-built newsletters with the news about the new arrivals and discounts. You can also promote your products and businesses through a simple feature that lets you create the discount within the store.

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