5 Credible Reasons to Say Drupal is the Best CMS

Drupal is an open source content management system written using PHP. Being a flexible and unified platform, Drupal is used as a backend framework for at least 2.1% of all the websites on the internet. The websites using Drupal range from, corporate sites, blogs, businesses and government sites. These sites are said to have experienced a tremendous increase in the traffic because of the excellent features of the platform.

Below listed are the 5 credible reasons to say Drupal is the best CMS:

  1. Powerful framework: Drupal is a robust platform that handles virtually any website by allowing the users to effectively manage the content. It’s a safe platform on which the web designers can save the site templates. It also has the potential to make your site rank top on the search results.
  2. Flexible themes: The themes available on Drupal are highly secure and they provide an amazing look and feel for your website. The flexible themes allow users to update the features easily. For most of the users, look of a website and responsiveness on different devices are some main determinants to decide whether to stay on the site or leave. Drupal offers both, the look and responsiveness which makes the users stay on your site.
  3. Search engine friendly: The search engine friendliness is one of the reasons for Drupal being a popular platform. The URL structure of Drupal allows you to build it in the way you want it to be. When you upload articles on your website, Drupal lets you allocate a folder for every article and link it to a selected URL so that it will be easy to find specific articles in a folder. It might seem irrelevant but you need to understand that most of the users see URL as an orientation tool.
  4. Free, safe and secure: As already told above, Drupal is a free and open source platform. Open source generally means that, the platform is an open book that allows users to view each other’s code base. But Drupal is a secure platform having a team of experts who actively scan for vulnerabilities. Open source means nothing but a piece of software which can be downloaded and used freely without paying any maintenance or licensing fees.
  5. Innovative: Drupal is highly innovative; it organizes the conference twice in a year which helps the Drupal experts to exchange the information and gain some innovative ideas to make the system better. Conference could be for fixing the flaws or to discuss some crucial advancement in the platform.

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