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The Fortune Innovations company gives millions and millions of mobile users the experience that they never had. Like the Android Operating system lets third party developers to innovate and build apps and software for mobile phones. Android is an flexible, stable and open to relate itself with newer and newer budding technologies. The feature-rich audio / video support made obtainable on this platform has also helped out Android to rage in the popularity charts as a complete platform for Android Mobile Application Development.

Fortune Innovations Auckland offer an inclusive support in the growth of mobile application on the Android Platform. Our experts are masters in the Java programming language, as a result are able to provide you with the most tempting and feature-rich Android application development. Our engineers use world class mobile operating software from Google, fundamentally designed on Linux Operating System. This allows our developers to obtain the location of the Android device, and allows devices to be in contact with one another enabling rich peer-to-peer social applications.

Fortune Innovations program all our Android Applications on the tailored demands of our clients. We insure them that these uniquely designed apps on the Android platform are exclusively designed for their specific user functionality and user defined criteria.

Fortune Innovations provides the following Android app development services to our clients:

  • Office / Business application

  • Internet application

  • Multimedia application

  • Fun application

  • Utility application

  • Games

Advantages of using Android Platform:

  • WI-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA, EDGE,UMTS and EV-DO technologies to receive and send data across mobile networks

  • 3D and 2D graphics Comprehensive library

  • image, audio and video files wide range of libraries

  • Features of touch screen, GPS, magnetometer, accelerometer and video camera

  • Inter process communication (IPC) message passing

  • P2P using Google Talk

  • SQLite for data storage

  • Export and signing up for publishing

New Updates:

versions of Android:

Android has perpetually been inflicted with fragmentation issues.They are a byproduct of Google's strategy of licensing its open supply OS to multiple makers, every of which might opt for that platform version of mechanical man to begin with, customise it as they see fit any variety of phones targeting totally different segments of the patron market, and manage updates on its own schedule. The result is that, at any given time, there area unit infinite versions of mechanical man being employed by customers round the world. whereas selection is a decent issue, too many several selections area unit confusing not simply to smartphone shoppers, however to developers making an attempt to make a decision that version of mechanical man to create their apps again and again their call is to avoid the effort and develop for iOS initial, or completely.


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