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Magento is a foremost open-source eCommerce platform, authorizing over 150,000 online retailers to date. Providing powerful and flexible features Magento’s intuitive administration interface gives search engine optimization, advanced marketing and catalogue-management tools to control the content, look and functionality of every retailer’s sole business needs. Intended to be completely scalable and offering superior performance, Magento Enterprise Edition offers a package of special features both in the backend and front-end to optimize analytical and marketing techniques, improve administration options and enhance customers shopping experience of your patrons.

The Fortune Innovations company offers an all-round Magento development service employing a combination of technical expertise, creativity and online marketing skills to bring real measurable results. We are determined to aid you succeed in Auckland. Whether we work for a new project or a reputed online business, we stand out in exceeding our client’s expectations in Magento Web Design and Magento Customization.

We are equipped with keen Magento developers who can create a customized Magento eCommerce Development and Magento Website Design solutions for you. Right from designing to developing, we have a profile of building flourishing Magento based sites generating sales for our patrons.

Magento Development services at Fortune Innovations include:

  • eCommerce Magento design & development

  • Magento themes design & Integration

  • Magento theme development for existing design

  • Website / Online store development using Magento

  • SEO for an online store using Magento

  • Payment gateway integration

eCommerce Magento Theming

Magento is the world's major eCommerce software and platform trusted by numerous leading brands. It is an open-source organizational-level CMS with a high degree of scalability, flexibility and robustness. The platform can easily be tweaked and tailored to suit the precise needs of a client. We offer various theming services in Magento to our patrons. Our theming services comprise creating new themes, customizing, updating old accessible themes and modifying old accessible themes etc.

Features of eCommerce Magento:

  • International Support: Magento is a fully global platform, which allows multiple currencies versions of sites to meet the needs of their clients around the globe and the development of the business by providing multi-lingual.

  • Site Management: Magento has the built-in feature which allows us it control multiple websites from one administration panel with ability to share as much or as little information as needed.

  • Strong Data Encryption: Encryption and security standards make Magento a fully secured solution.

  • Full Page Caching: Magento has full page caching features which considerably improves performance by caching main pages. This feature allows web pages to free in less time when it opened successively. It also offers caching of content for classification, creation, and CMS pages.

  • Mobile Commerce: Magento has the feature called M-Commerce for offering mobile-optimized versions of online stores.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Magento is 100% search engine friendly and can be configured for friendly URL’s.

  • Analytics and Reporting: It allows integration of analytical tools for generating and viewing arithmetical report. Magento is combined with Google Analytics and has an admin dashboard for the report overview feature.

New Updates:

Magento currently Supports PHP 5.4

Magento is continuous to advance its platform and create development additional economical by adding support for PHP 5.4. Moving to PHP 5.4 offers many benefits, together with higher performance, additional economical memory usage, and access to in progress updates and security fixes. To ensure that you simply will profit of those valuable updates quicker, we’ve free patches for Magento Enterprise Edition and later releases and for Magento Community Edition and later releases. Support for PHP 5.4 also will be in-built to future Magento product releases. The Magento Enterprise Edition patches area unit announce within the Support Patches section of My Account and also the Magento Community Edition patches area unit accessible on the Community Edition transfer page.


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