Hardening Your WordPress Website - 6 Main Areas to Be Concerned About

Being the most popular and widely used CMS, WordPress is highly prone to attacks and it has been the main target for the hackers. So it’s really sensible to be a part of design process while hardening your WordPress site. But how would you do that? Well! Here are a few areas you need to be concerned about. You must also be aware that sometimes there will be some website specific requirements as well.

  1. Providing access to the site content: Setting up your site’s administration is the first thing to look at. This is the basic thing you need to do to control your site’s security. Few areas like insider threats are very difficult to secure. If any of your favoured users decide to turn against you, the situation would be very hard to control. However you will be able to manage the inside threads by monitoring the usage behaviour and preventing the issues.
  2. Securing core WordPress files: The core files are something that needs to be secured by applying a proper protection. Core files will be involved in the appearance and functionality of your WordPress site. If an attacker gets access to these core files, all that you can do is saying ‘bye’ to your site and forgetting it. So in order to protect these files from being compromised, you need to be very careful while providing write access. Also, you need to password protect the WordPress admin folder that contains many such core files.   
  3. Plugin and theme security: Generally plugins and themes are the hackers’ most desirable elements as they can exploit them easily and insert any malware into the site. Sucuri, a security service company found that thousands of WordPress sites had been affected via an insecure plugin version called Revslider. One best method to avoid such entry points of hackers is to keep the plugins and themes patched and updated.
  4. WordPress vulnerabilities: Sometimes WordPress itself can have some software vulnerabilities which you don’t notice until they are exploited by the hackers. Generally this kind of software vulnerabilities are best handled by keeping the versions patched. The most recent patch was applied in the version 4.2.1 in order to fix the zero day vulnerability which allowed hackers to use JavaScript to perform cross site scripting attack on a WordPress site.
  5. Secure communications / HTTPS: HTTPS is a version of HTTP which makes use of a protocol called Transport Layer Security (TSL) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to conceal the data communicated over the Internet. This actually prevents Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks which stops your communication traffic. By default, you need to access your WordPress site as an admin or other contributing user via HTTPS connection.
  6. Disaster recovery: If at all something goes wrong and your site gets infected by a malware or you have a DOS attack, you must be able to fix the tings as soon as possible and get your site back in control.

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