How Important is the Command Line for Web Designers?

The command line is something with which you can avoid working with visual interface so that you will get hold of the things and will be having a fine control over the website. There are lots of things that can be done with command line in order to get the required web design stuffs. It mainly focuses on navigating through the system, moving file, creating folders and so on.

Generally the designers use these commands very rarely; but these days, lots of command line powered tools are available only for workflows and front end languages. These tools offer a wide range of benefits and hence it has become an essential skill for web designers. By making use of these benefits, they can present their ideas in a whole new way.

Command line might have been felt inconvenient by most of the designers but it is one of the tools which cross the platform. It’s universally available and has been a pure extension of the operating system. The points mentioned below are not to discourage the users of other tools. It just gives a brief insight for the designers who want to learn something about command line.

Here are few points that highlight the importance of command line:

  1. Usage of third party packages becomes seamless: Web designers use several third party packages like Bootstrap, jQuery, Normalize.css and many more quite often. But package management is really slow when it’s done manually. But using command line, you can simply drag the required packages into your projects by just typing a few words like “bower install jquery”, “bower update jquery”, etc.
  2. It makes compilation quicker: HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the three common languages you can see in most of the web designing projects; the tools in command line make the production and delivery of code more efficient in these languages. It also allows you to compile any pre-processors quickly.    
  3. It lets you minify JavaScript: The things go absolutely great with command line; you can compile the code easily and can also minify the JavaScript just by typing a few words. You can do almost all the things with just a single command. Using task runner, single word command like grunt and gulp can be set to compile the pre-processor files.    
  4. It makes scaffolding easy: The command line lets you scaffold out any kind of project within seconds. It is an ideal option to opt for those who want to employ any third party frameworks Bootstrap, Foundation and so on.

The main thing that the designers need to understand is that, they have to make use of a specialized program to type their commands. But once you start using the command line in the process of web designing, surely a new world of options will get opened and this saves a lot of your time.

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