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There is no doubt that Joomla is the most accepted CMS obtainable today due to its extreme flexibility and compatibility with third-party applications. It enables organizations to tailor their CMS the way their business needs. Joomla features with database driven site engine and fully customizable modules and templates. It aids reduce data redundancy and development process of publishing and social media integration.

Another feature that draws notice is its extensibility and user-kindliness. User experience offers Joomla an edge over existing key CMS obtainable today. Joomla developers have taken care of all the business fundamentals and future technical demands to make Joomla an ultimate option. One key benefit of Joomla Development is that it provides you samples of several codes and documents which are very purposive for development methods in website.

Benefits of Joomla as a CMS:

  • Easy Installation

  • User-friendly

  • High Quality Performance

  • Extensive Extensions Availability

  • Multi-language Support

  • Highly Customizable

  • Scalable and Secure

Fortune Innovations are a Joomla CMS Development company in Auckland and caters theme and template design, alterations creation, putting into practice, installation, setup and maintenance. We advocate our best tune up and dedication on Joomla based eCommerce websites, social network, corporate portals, community portals, and so on. we work as per your needs to give successful on time project completion.

At the Fortune Innovations company, there are several reasons to choose us for Joomla CMS Development such as perfect package, flexible plan, cost effective way, result oriented work, expertise and highly qualified team, innovative and in house development.

Fortune Innovations Auckland offer the following custom development services in Joomla:

  • Template design and Joomla custom design services

  • Joomla component & module development

  • Joomla eCommerce development

  • combination of Joomla with other web applications

  • Joomla theming

  • Hire Joomla designer / Hire Joomla programmer

  • Joomla search engine optimization

Joomla Theming

Joomla theming lets varying the look and feel of websites built in Joomla. Fortune Innovations offers a range of theming services in Joomla. Our Joomla theming services include creating new themes, modifying, updating and customizing the existing themes etc.

Features of Joomla:

  • Open Source: Joomla is an open source CMS with an inbuilt text editor which allows easy editing and formatting of the contents.

  • Simple: Joomla is reliable CMS , easy to install, and simple to manage.

  • Database Driven: Joomla is a database driven CMS where the element (images, templates etc.) is stored in a centralized database.

  • Modular and Extendible: Joomla provides features such as page caching, website searching, RSS feeds, polls, flashes blogs, news, printable versions of pages and etc.

  • Template Management: Joomla is template driven CMS where each module in a website is associated with a separate template.

  • Report Generation: Joomla provides extensive tools to generate and view user statistics reports.

  • Search: Helps user navigate through most commonly searched items and provides the admin with search statistics.

  • Language Manager: Joomla has an international support many international languages and UTF-8 encoding. Joomla CMS allows creating websites in a language and the administrator panel in another one language offering multiple language facility.

New Updates

Joomla 2.5.18:

Joomla 2.5.18 may be a maintenance unharness. Most notably this unharness fixes errors that are rumored including:

  • Articles missing for admins before finish

  • Modules disappear at frontpage once clicking the article title

Also with this unharness, the improved watchword hashing via PHPass, offered in Joomla 3.2.1, is currently used with the 2.5 series. The update method is extremely straightforward, and complete directions square measure offered here. Note that there square measure currently easier and higher ways in which of change than repeating the files with FTPctions square measure offered here. Note that there square measure currently easier and higher ways in which of change than repeating the files with FTP.


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