5 Android App Development Tips For Developers That Are Just Starting Out

2 August 2012

Auckland : The business of android app development is soaring and this is one of the primary reasons why more and more people are getting started on android app development. If you are a newbie, you need to keep in mind a few tips that will help you develop an Android app successfully.

Let's take a look at these tips:

Comprehensive Knowledge about all Resources

Don't go about developing an application for your android device in a half-baked manner. You must know about anything and everything that allows you to develop the perfect application. Now, there is no doubt that learning is a continuous process, but this does not mean that you shouldn't be better prepared. You will need to develop hands on knowledge and experience on the Android SDK and other associated tools, to ensure successful development.

Identify and Understand the Audience

You are custom developing the app for an audience, so you need to keep them in mind while building the application. So, put yourself in the shoes of the user and think about their likes and dislikes. By thinking like your users and by making it a habit, you will be ensuring that you will only implement the kind of features that they will like, which in turn improves your app's chances of being downloaded by the target audience.

Don't Be Overly Creative

If you are just starting out, it's important that you need to keep things simple. This is because by being creative, you might make things complex; there are times when in an attempt to render creativity to your android app, you will develop a needlessly cluttered code. This means the seamless quality of the app goes for a toss and the app is full of errors. This never makes for a successful application.

Aim for Optimum User Experience

Satisfying is one thing, and delighting is something else altogether; as an android developer, you need to aim for the latter. The user interface must be such that it makes using the app a highly satisfying experience for the users; and at the same time, offers a high level of user engagement. The idea is to make sure that the user is able to make optimum use of the app; and at the same time has a good time using the mobile app.

Detailing and Effort

Successful android application development, whatever the platform is always in the details and you must never forget to take note of even the minutest of detail. If you ignore a particular app aspect as being too

inconsequential, you might have to suffer the consequences at a later date. What's more, don't believe those tips that talk about shortcuts that help you develop effective apps faster. There are no shortcuts to developing a cutting edge android app that has the potential to scale the popularity charts.

So here they are - five tips that if implemented during the development process, can go a long way in building a high performance android app. Although these tips need to be kept in mind while starting out, you will do well to keep them in mind as long as you develop apps. These are those evergreen tips that never go out of fashion.




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