Android 7.0 Nougat: Striking Features Are Here!

6 January 2017

Auckland: To all the Android lovers who were waiting for the next big update of Android version, 7.0 Nougat is here with some mind-blowing features. The new version may not have the same dramatic visual changes as we experienced in Lollipop two versions ago, but it has come with some major refinements and enhancements when compared to Android Marshmallow (the previous version), with quite a few changes in usability.

So what are those outstanding features of Android 7.0 Nougat? Check them out here:

Language Settings and Display Control

Android 7.0 Nougat now allows you to set multiple locales, and also the primary and secondary languages. You can easily switch between the two languages as and when you need; this is definitely a great deal for bilingual users and those who travel quite often.

Users will also have full control over how much information should be displayed on the screen, as it now comes with DPI changer in display settings. You can simply slide to left to stuff more items on the screen, and to right to make everything look bigger. This is yet another simple but extraordinary feature which previously required an edit to device’s build.prop file.

Be in Two Places at the Same Time

We should say that split-screen mode is a much awaited feature which was in the news for quite some time, and finally Nougat delivers it to the users. The built-in version of Nougat is better in some ways than what we’ve already seen.

So how the split-screen feature works?

It works both in landscape and portrait modes with only two windows being resizable in portrait mode. App developers can set the app height as they want their app to be displayed in portrait mode. But in landscape mode, both the apps share 50/50 width split, and it actually makes sense.

You can easily activate split-screen mode by pressing and holding the recent apps button. The first app which is already open will appear on the top, and you can choose the second app to be displayed from the picker which will be automatically displayed.

Vulkan API Support

Good news for all the gamers out there! Yes, Nougat adds it support to Vulkan API, which makes your gaming experience great. It promises the faster, smoother and amazing rendering of gaming graphics. Important thing to be noted is that, Vulkan comes from the same folks who were responsible for OpenGL, and it remains in Nougat.

The game developers can choose the complexity and higher performance of Vulkan or stick to less intense and easy-to-implement OpenGL standard.

Virtual Reality

Android Nougat has officially announced its support to Daydream VR and Project Tango. But that doesn’t seem to matter a lot until we start to appear on Tango phones and Daydream-ready devices. We’ve been seeing several motions about VR mode, but they aren’t doing much yet. Also, we don’t have proper Daydream headsets for it to be experienced completely.

Doze Mode on the Go

Android 7.0 Nougat is more about extending the functionality and improving already existing features. As we all know, Android Marshmallow baked in some new features like Doze mode and granular permissions. It was just a start, and now in Nougat, the Doze mode seems to have been beefed up a bit more.

Doze mode on Android Nougat works not only when the device is stationary but also when it is in motion. Of course, the screen needs to be off, but the users will get to enjoy the varying degrees of Doze when the phone is not being used. However, it’s too early to say anything about how good the Doze feature in Android Nougat is, but the extended functionality alone should be appreciated.

The whole new two layer system means, when the phone is left unused in your pocket or bag, the phone will periodically sync the data and run tasks. And, when the phone is completely stationary for a while, it goes into even deeper hibernation, with no Wi-Fi scans, no syncing and no other tasks running.

Notification Settings

Notifications in Nougat have received a bit of makeovers, and now the users will get more information within less space. It is what exactly the users expect from notifications. And, the Quick Reply and Bundled notifications are some attractive notification related features which haven’t appeared on Android devices until now.

Not just these, there are several other features which make Android Nougat a successful version. Having such outstanding features, Android has been a preferred platform for those who’re planning to build an application. If you are one among them, just contact us. Fortune Innovations, a prominent web development company in Auckland has substantial experience in Android app development, and our developers help you build an astonishing application.


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