Learn to Manage Your Facebook Account after Your Death!

9 March 2015

Auckland: Have you ever thought what happens to your Facebook account after your death? Facebook has an FAQ section where you can choose from the three options related to the deceased person’s account. You can memorialize the account, delete the account or you can use the app called ‘If I die’. Memorializing is nothing but turning the account into a page where your friends can leave some comments and post some things on your timeline; it’s more like a fan page. Deleting the account removes all the information from the site. Using ‘If I Die’ app, you can leave a last message saying to delete your account or any other things you wish to say. That message can later be sent by your relatives and then your account will be deleted.

Let’s have a detailed look on all the three options:

Option 1: Memorializing your account

Having an executor who manages all your mails, photos and other social network accounts is quite common. Then that person would take care of your Facebook profile when use this option where you or any of you pass away (We wish you a long life). If you don’t have an executor, your friends can send a request to memorialize the account. When the account is memorialized, only confirmed friends in your account can see your timeline or locate you using search bar.  The profile will no longer appear in the suggestions section. Only your friends or family members can leave some posts in your remembrance.

Option 2: Remove or delete the account

One more way in which you can manage your account is getting it removed completely. But to do so, your immediate family member has to send a request to Facebook asking to delete the account. This will delete your timeline and all the other information about you. All the posts and pictures which are generated from the profile will be deleted. For such requests, Facebook needs a confirmation that the one who is requesting to delete the account is your family member. Any requests which are not valid or fail to verify the relationship with deceased will not be processed.

Option 3: An app called ‘if I die’

One last option is to use a third party application called “If I die”. It’s the one and only application of such kind. It’s basically a Facebook application which lets you create a video message or a text message which can be scheduled to send after you pass. Your friends or family friends can send that message using the app. You can also sync it to your Facebook profile; so that you can leave a video or report the death of somebody else through the app directly.

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