Why Tablets are Not as Addictive as Smartphones?

20 November 2015

Auckland: These days, mobile technology is getting into almost every aspect of our lives and the smartphones are shifting from being just a device to dependency. But it’s really surprising to know that users are not much into tablets as much as they are into their smartphones.

Irrespective of the sleek and stylish design of your smartphone, tablets are nowhere less than smartphones in terms of features and supporting apps.

So, what makes smartphones take an edge over tablets?

Why is the addiction towards smartphones much stronger than that of tablets?

Here are few possible reasons!

#1. Tablets don’t trigger intense emotions: According to a recent survey, an average mobile user checks his/her device 150 times in a day. It’s also been reported that 94% of college students feel troubled if they don’t carry their smartphones with them. Such intense emotions can’t be triggered by a tablet even though it has all the features and functionalities to be called as a mobile device.

#2. Smartphones build neurological connections: If you keep performing a specific action quite often, the action gets carved in your neural pathways. The same thing applies in case of a mobile device. A new text message, email or a Facebook notification urges you to pull the device out of your pocket. So, the behaviour of checking the device’s screen becomes a habit eventually. It’s when this habit becomes a need the users feel disconnected if they don’t check their smartphones.

#3. Smartphones are a kind of extensions: The more you use your phones, more satisfied will be your neurons because of the constant connectivity. Smartphones has become the devices to represent you to the social world. This being the situation, the users have come to a feel that the smartphone is an extension to their body because of which they feel low when they forget to carry it.

The research also claims that the users will be in connection mode when they are using their smartphones and in passive browsing mode when they are using tablets. So, if you have a smartphone, you are already showing some signs of dependencies.

If you feel like getting into Google glass hole for every minute thing, just ask yourself whether your relationship with your smartphone is healthy.

Having such differences in user behaviour, the designers need to keep in mind that the tablets and smartphones activate different mind-sets so that they can match the experience to the respective devices.

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