WordPress Users: Test Your Website Speed with GTMetrix Plugin

22 August 2013

Auckland: If you are WordPress user and it’s been a short time since you tested your website’s speed, think about adding the GTmetric plugin to your WordPress toolbox. Rather than a one-off check of your site’s load time, the GTmetrix plugin offers you a means to frequently supervise your site through a combination of usual reports and alerts.

Finally, website speed is very important and not just from a user experience viewpoint. How fast your website loads is one of the many ways that Google ranks your website, so if, eventually, your website delays, you may find your SEO visibility declining, too.

One solution? The GTMetrix Plugin. Before you download the plugin to your WordPress site, head over to the GTMetrix website and sign up to get an API key that you’ll employ to set off the plugin.

While you’re there, you can proceed and run a performance report on your website (or any other URL). The report comprises a page speed percentage and letter grade, as well as page load time and a breakdown of specific page speed elements, their grades and priority levels so you make out where to center your attention.

Once you’ve set up the plugin, you can schedule similar performance reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also choose to get alerts that will give you a heads-up if your web page falls below a definite condition you’ve put based on speed/YSlow score, page load time, total page size, etc.

This is one of the preferred features about the GTMetrix plugin. Websites are not static, never-changing entities – they are intended to be often updates and added to, especially if your website takes in a built-in blog. The ability to run usual reports and obtain alerts mean you will stay ahead of your website’s loading time without having to consider – and if your website does slow down over time, you will be competent to aim the problem areas and execute a quick fix.

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