Why to Use Iterative and Incremental Drupal Development?

Iterative and Incremental development is the method of splitting up the development process into smaller bits. In this technique, the feature code is developed and tested in several cycles. On the every new iteration, some extra features can be designed, developed and tested until we get a fully functional application which is ready to be established to the customers. Generally, the iterative development is used along with incremental development where a larger development cycle is split into number of smaller segments.

Sometimes, using processes like scrum could cause some problems while working on a high productivity platforms like Drupal.  While using Drupal, a working product will be out very soon in the development process which are later tweaked and improved. Here in Drupal, features are cheap wherein the details are a bit expensive. So making use of iterative development model would give a better visibility and progress of a product.

 Why to use iterative development method?

  1. You need to be very sure about the needs of the customer and it’s your duty to meet their business needs. You must be able to offer them a few alternate solutions rather than offering them the obvious “Drupal standard”. Iterative technique would be the best option to offer alternate solutions to your customers.
  2. Iterative method offers a better control over the project budget. Every time we just think of delivering the high priority items first; but it’s really important to know that what is good enough. This approach forwards the work to the next story before the previous story is perfectly implemented.
  3. The approach assists the team members to work together in an effective way and also makes the communication simpler making the development process very clear.
  4. Iterative technique provides more time for the customers to react on the primary decisions made which can later be changed in the next iteration according to the feedback of the customer.

How to deploy iterative and incremental development method?

  1. The fundamental thing is to approach a project with iterations and increments. Increments will add some additional functions wherein the iterations improve the existing functionality. Instead of just getting a story done in a sprint, we’ll be having different options when we use iterative methodology. 
  2. The coordination between the team members must also be improved with each stories being split into similar tasks. We can make use of the same technique for epic stories and tasks.
  3. In some projects, several iterations will be carried out in a sprint; but in some, just one. Instead of trying to reach the definition of “done” for the complete story, the team tries to reach the “done” definition on all the iterations. This helps in removing the overhead required for QA while the team is not sure about the final implementation.

Basically, this approach is to develop something useful as early as possible. It is true for both iterations and increments. Everything we develop should immediately gain some value to it and we must be able to explain the value to the customer at any point.

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