Will Animation Set a New Trend in UI Designing?

Animation is something that is highly concerned about the user experience. Today, it has become the vital part of the UI design providing an amazing experience to the users. The way the animation is progressing, we can say that it has become the pillar for most of the web and mobile applications. When the animation is designed with care and understanding, it can delight users by providing them the proper context and helping them navigate through the site or an app. But if it is full of jarring transitions, it could confuse and distract the users.

So in order to produce an outstanding result, you need to embrace certain skills of telling the stories using transitions and subtle motion-based animations. Though CSS animation was implemented by WebKit in 2009, it was not used much in designing the user interface. But today, we can see amazing animations providing sophisticated experience to the users. It is also being said that animation in UI could be the trend in future. But one must be aware of the pros and cons of animations before using it.

Pros and Cons of having animations


  1. Successful animations are those which abide by the laws of real world and they draw the attention of the users instinctively which is actually the main objective of a website.
  2. When the users feel that the actions on their screen is somewhat natural and close to reality, it’s really easy for them to understand the behaviour of the site. They also feel encouraged and they keep moving by discovering and exploring something new.
  3. Animation provides a proper context and also helps the user to navigate through the website. Precise directional movements help users to understand the origin of a new object.
  4. Animation also builds relationships between the objects.


  1. Animations might look pleasant with its subtle motion, but there are certain downsides associated with it.  All the browsers don’t behave the same way all the time; they handle different codes in different ways.
  2. If the user is having a bad network connection or working on an out-dated browser, the animation could be jerky or sometimes it doesn’t work at all.
  3. The animations are not free; they actually add some additional weight and data usage to the product while making the developers roll their eyes.
  4. The UI designers must also be aware of the limitations of technicalities and they need to work in coordination with developers so that the site performs efficiently all the time.

So the purpose of animations must be defined clearly before being used in the website or an app because certain animations might work fine in the beginning but gets worse when they are frequently used. When the animations are over-used, they make it more difficult to accomplish a task.

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